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Rachel Brooks - TTR - TRLRachel Brooks

Rachel has a strong background in travel planning that includes project management, the design and development of a guidance document on faith travel plans and the web-based i-TRACE system. Her project management experience includes work on two key retail contracts with B&Q and Sainsburys. She also has experience in developing and designing a guidance document on faith travel plans in London and working with 50 employment sites in 3 London Boroughs to test the application of the internet based travel plan management system i-TRACE.





Dr Sally Cairns - TTR - TRLDr Sally Cairns

Dr Sally Cairns is a Senior Research Fellow, working jointly at TRL and UCL on transport policy, traffic reduction and travel behaviour change. She was a lead author of the Department for Transport's 2004 report on Smarter Choices, and was part of the team that conducted the evaluation of the DfT's Sustainable Travel Demonstration Towns. She has also worked on major studies for the DfT about what constitutes effective school travel plans and workplace travel plans. More recently, she has been involved in work evaluating the impacts of car clubs (for the national charity Carplus) and assessing the relationship between travel to work choices and health (again for Transport for London).




Dr Marcus Jones - TTR - TRLDr Marcus Jones

Marcus is a Principal Consultant with more than fourteen years experience managing projects in the sustainable transport field, including carbon reduction policies and scenarios, 'smarter travel' and workplace travel plans, sustainable logistics and fleet management; walking and cycling. Recent projects he has worked on include future transport policy scenarios for the European Environment Agency, topic notes on integrated transport for the Rail Safety and Standards Board, Pedestrian and Cycling Environment Reviews, a 'Quiet HGV' feasibility study and an evaluation of the health benefits of workplace travel plans. Before joining TRL in 2006 he managed transport projects in the Government's former Energy Efficiency Best Practice programme, including the development and dissemination of good practice guidance on travel plans.



Sarah Clifford - TTR-TRLSarah Clifford

Sarah Clifford has been working in the Smarter Choices field for 15 years.  Her experience includes time spent managing, implementing and monitoring travel plans for the Boots Company in Nottingham, Heathrow airport and Stockley Park Business Park.  During her 11 years in transport consultancy, Sarah has been involved in developing Smarter Choices solutions for a variety of public and private sector clients including B&Q, WestTrans and a number of London Boroughs.  Sarah has extensive experience managing major projects and programmes for a variety of public and private sector clients.  Her expertise includes research, travel plans, delivery and servicing plans, market research and consultation.

Sarah has also been Project Manager for a number of European Research and Demonstration projects including the IEE project TRAILBLAZER which aims to achieve a reduction in energy used in urban freight transport showcasing good practice and promoting Delivery and Servicing Plans.




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